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Troop 6 - Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Get your head out of your app!
Shut it down, look up and look around.
Get your gear and "Get Out" - Life's Better Outside

Annual Membership Renewal In Process
Please submit your 2017 renewal form and fees now
For renewl form in PDF click here

Thanksgiving Pie Sale Fundraiser

Deliciously delicious assortment of pies
available for the Thanksgiving holiday
Click here for the Pie Info and Order Form

~ They can run but they can't hide ~
Punkin' Chunkin' weekend - November 4 - 6, 2016
We're ready to squash the competition, RU?
Official Website -
We may even get a surprize visit from Mr. Biggs

Hurricane Season - Are You Ready??

Do your part and "Be Prepared"
Click here for FEMA's Food and Water Guide
Hurricane Prep Link Here
Download FEMA Mobil App Here

Everyone needs Service Time ! !
Check with some of the Life Scouts working on their Eagle Projects

LIFE SCOUTS - If you don't have time to do it right,
when will you have time to do it over?

"Encourage a Friend to Join Scouts"
Meet 1st Class Requirement & Earn The Recruiter Patch

Troop 6 does it all....... All Weather Camping ~ Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry and many combinations thereof, not to mention:
Punkin' Chunkin', Dodgeball, Canoeing, Kayaking, Fresh Water, Deep Sea and Surf Fishing, Backpacking, Night Hikes,
Summer Camps, Winter Hikes, Ultimate Frisbee, Skeet Shooting, Climbing, Rappelling, Geocaching, High adventure trips
& much, much more.....
Places we've been - Canada, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, New Mexico,
Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC & of course all around New Jersey.

Let's work together to add more locations and adventures - I challenge you!

... Don't miss out on the fun - check the calendar - call your patrol leader - come to a Wednesday night meeting.

Haven't been 'round for a while, come on in, you're always welcome!
Feel free to bring a friend too! - If you miss out, just blame yourself !